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Made in Italy

The craftsmanship and authentic made in Italy label, is the strength  of the CRIERI brand. A family tradition of high class jewelers joins a creative and cosmopolitan approach culminating in the hands of skillful specialized goldsmiths who create every single CRIERI jewel with experience and dedication.

Ambassadors of the Italian taste and craftsmanship , CRIERI creations bring to Europe and to the world  the noble values of the national hand-crafted production  such as quality, design, aesthetic appeal and creativity.

The preciousness of gold and the purity of diamonds blend in a combination of soft and enveloping lines perfecting its wearability. The result is a spectacular display of astonishing jewels, where the classic charm of tennis is exalted by the sober and elegant lines of a whispered luxury displayed in an infinite range of colors.

The Design

The authentic Italian design and manufacture represent the true core of the brand CRIERI. All the creations that come to life within the CRIERI labs, are a symbol of its promise to excellence which begins from the conception of ideas,  to the selection of the best precious stones culminating in the care expressed in the hand-crafted realization.

The Diamonds

The selection of the diamonds takes place in compliance with the Kimberly Process, an international initiative aimed at ensuring that the profits made from the diamonds trade do not contribute to financing of civil wars (conflict free diamonds). In fact, all the CRIERI diamonds meet the requirements of the Kimberly Process certifications system, through which both the legitimacy of the source and the origin of the stone throughout the whole production chain, from its origin to its arrival to the company, are certified.