Once upon a time there was a tennis bracelet … now there is the Crieri bracelet | VicenzaOro 2018

The tennis bracelet has always been the object of the specialization, research and innovation of the Crieri maison.

Over the years the Brand has embarked on a path of reinterpretation, study and revolution of one of the most iconic and timeless pieces in the world of high jewelery. This year Crieri has confirmed its presence at VicenzaOro Settembre with a new stand in terms of design and space. The focus for 2018 participation was the presentation of two new collections, Victoria and Musa, which continue to build the new frontier of the tennis bracelet that Crieri started when it decided to start this journey in 2015. Two collections that mark an even longer period of growth and change and that give life to the creation of unique pieces exclusively Made in Italy and that reflect the values ​​of dedication and quality of Crieri.

Victoria is expressed through the study of a unique setting of its kind: each carat emits the light of five, the tennis bracelet for those who want a jewel made of pure light. The second collection presented is Musa, which expresses itself through soft, enveloping lines and a rounder frame.

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